Why Cultural Sensitivity Training?

We live in a world where Muslims are often seen as “the other”. There is political rhetoric against us, and misconceptions have resulted in discrimination, bullying and hate crimes. Organizations are increasingly becoming aware that their members have stereotypes, questions and often a desire to learn more about Muslims.

Why Me?

Since 2002 I have been working to train a variety of organizations on cultural sensitivity so that their members can do their jobs more effectively with fewer misunderstandings. In 2012-13 I trained the entire Houston Police Department, and the following year the entire Harris County Jail System. I offer classes in community colleges and address a variety of faith-based organizations about Muslims. I work with organizations to understand what their needs are and then tailor the perfect, customized program.

~ ~ ~

“As commander of the Houston Jail Division, I sincerely appreciate your efforts and dedication.” P.Q. F., Captain, Houston Police Department.

“It was our pleasure to have you! The kids were catching each other on all their various stereotyping all day and not hesitating to correct one another. You’re a gifted and inspiring teacher, leader, and spokesperson for your faith.” Amy P, high school teacher, Conroe Independent School District.

“Saadia is a seasoned instructor, and willing to commit to the further education of others in order to bring us together in the American community.” M. J. Garcia, Adjunct Prof. Sam Houston State University. Previously at the Houston Police Department.

“An articulate antidote to the fear and misunderstanding that too often dominates the American conversation about Islam.” Mark Edmiston-Lange, Minister at Emerson Unitarian Universalist Church in Houston.

~ ~ ~

Who Needs This?

My specially crafted trainings can be offered to the following organizations and more:

  • police departments
  • teachers and administrators
  • high school and college students
  • faith-based groups
  • small businesses and corporations
  • professional development organizations
  • so much more

Read my wildly popular article on xoJane about my law enforcement training and how it led to my first book Brick Walls.

Contact me to find out if I can train your organization.