School Visits


In preparation of the release of Yasmin I will be offering a limited number of  FREE in-person school visits (30 minutes only) in the Greater Houston area from January – May 2018. Contact me now to take advantage of this incredible offer!

Classroom Visits

Children love hearing about Yasmin! We live in an increasingly multicultural world where student bodies now consist of large numbers of children with South Asian and Middle Eastern descent. Yasmin is the face of your students. She’s what your students want and need to see in the books they read. I will visit your classroom to talk about the following topics:

  • How and why I created Yasmin
  • The road to becoming an author
  • The creative writing process

School visits may be full-day or half-day. Each presentation is 30-45 minutes long. Contact me for rates. 


Want an author to teach creative writing for a day, week or longer? I offer fun and interactive workshops for children in elementary, middle and high schools. Topics include, but are not limited to:

  • Writing a first draft
  • Creating great characters
  • Using dialogue effectively
  • Fact to fiction: using news to write stories
  • How to write fantastic essays 

The workshops are designed with your classroom in mind, so contact me for duration, rates and more. 


I will speak to your classroom for a FREE 30-minute Skype session wherever you are in the world. For more information, contact me here