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Regular blog posts on Huffington Post about Muslims, Pakistan and more.

nbc asian america

An essay on NBC Asian America about being Muslim American and a case of dual identities.

Essays about the struggles of a Muslim mom on romper, a world-class website for Millennials. 

upworthyNews and commentary about Muslim Americans in the current socio-political environment at Upworthy.


Bi-monthly articles about Muslim Americans in the political, literary and social spheres on Wear Your Voice magazine.


Essays on faith + parenting written with a Jewish co-author. 


tikkun daily logo
A variety of articles about being American Muslim and sometimes about the greater Muslim world.


state of formation logoThoughts about interfaith dialogue at State of Formation, where I was the 2014-15 Contributing Scholar.


JVibe Houston
A monthly column titled Interfaith Matters at J-Vibe Houston.


interfaith logo
The now inactive interfaith blog Interfaith Houston with tons of Houston-specific articles by many writers, including myself.


TIM logo

Hard-hitting news and views about current events relating to Muslims at The Islamic Monthly, a news magazine popular among readers of all faiths.

greedforilm logo  Some writings about Islam on a podcast blog Greed for Ilm.


RD logo
An article about global Muslim issues on the world-famous Religion Dispatches.


best practices in grant seeking

My book about research-based best practices in nonprofit grant seeking.