Brick Walls: Tales of Hope & Courage From Pakistan

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Advance Praise for Brick Walls

“Faruqi’s stories beautifully capture the similarities (of the human condition); her ambitious, flawed, raw characters are easy to relate to for any reader, regardless of ethnicity.” Brown Girl Magazine book review.

“Faruqi paints a beautifully elaborate, human picture of a culture: both mundane and conflicted, happy and despairing…In offering us her Pakistan, she gives us the gift of learning about a culture at a time when the world needs it most.” Minor Literatures Book Review. 

“If you want to learn about the real Pakistan behind the headlines, this is a good place to start.” Bookmuse book review.

“Faruqi is able to take on the voices of each of her diverse cast of characters, voicing ten year old Nida as convincingly as that of the elderly, crotchety but warm hearted Farzana.” Muslimah Media Watch book review.

“Faruqi’s evocative collection is like a breath of fresh air as it breaks through all the clutter of violence, terrorism and fear, and offers much hope and faith in humanity despite the odds.” Kitaab book review.

“This is a superbly well-executed endeavor and testament to Faruqi’s command of her craft. Right language, right tone, right story to a tee!” Book Fabulous book review.

“In Brick Walls Faruqi brings us seven short stories with heartbreaking verisimilitude of life in modern Pakistan. It is both a love letter to her home country and a stark, critical look at its current challenges.” Katherine Russell Thought Log book review.

“If you are interested in seeing a different side of Pakistan, in sympathizing with characters that you may find relatable even when their circumstances are grim, and in being optimistic and finding hope in a bleak world, I recommend you read this collection of short stories.” Layali Webzine book review.

“Brick Walls offers a tantalizing glimpse into a Pakistan rarely seen in the West: one in which hope and heartbreak, love and longing, luck and disaster are woven into the lives of every character you meet.” Ayesha Mattu, editor of Love InshAllah: The Secret Love Lives of American Muslim Women and Salaam, Love: American Muslim Men on Love, Sex, & Intimacy.

“Saadia Faruqi is a promising writer whose heart-warming tales about Pakistan contain the ability to entertain, surprise, and move. Her honest portrayals of Pakistani life in all its hues are thoroughly enjoyable.” Bina Shah, author of A Season for Martyrs.

“Faruqi’s short stories sparkle with warmth and hope for humanity. Brick Walls is a lovely collection by a promising new writer”. Soniah Kamal, award winning author of An Isolated Incident.

“Faruqi’s stories offer her readers an opportunity to look beyond the screaming headlines about Pakistan that focus on political turmoil and concerns over terrorism. Her focus is on the lives of ordinary Pakistanis impacted by those headlines, reflecting the search for survival and dignity common to most people around the world.” Farah Ghuznavi, author of Fragments of Riversong.

“The sights, smells and sounds which jump from the pages… a celebration of the frailties and victories of life, Brick Walls is a testament to Faruqi’s unmitigated talent.” Hend Hegazi, author of Normal Calm.

“Faruqi’s stories are warm, filled with empathy and a touch of human kindness. But above all, it is her characters who remain with you, much after you have closed the book.” Andaleeb Wajid, author of My Brother’s Wedding and More Than Just Biryani.

Brick Walls portrays the darker faces of Pakistan sensitively and often with piercing accuracy. Each story in this collection is a cry of yearning, of loneliness, and of loss. Faruqi artfully explores the subtleties of love and of the human mind, the traps we fall into and those we create because of social conditioning.” Zeenat Mahal, author of The Accidental Fiancé and Haveli.

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